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Why are people shitting on the people who are saying “i’m not a ladies code fan but i will pray for them” and “i’m happy the kpop fandom is coming together right now” like wtf is wrong with you no one is saying anything bad we’re all just saying that we will pray for them and support them like damn

Yo ELFs ik its like really easy to compare this to our precious Kyu but like, I don’t think its the right thing to do. I know, I’m an ELF and when I heard of the news right away I thought about the accident SJ had but like still, it just isn’t the time for this. Let’s just focus on the 2 who passed away and pray for their families, and for everyone who was involved. 



"Rise is currently undergoing emergency surgery for a major head injury. Suspected blunt force trauma."

I usually set up a queue everyday but today I really just can’t.. I’m sorry guys ;_;

ELF let’s support Ladies’ Code fans and Eunbi


So I guess you’ve heard by now that Ladies Code was in an accident that resulted in the death of member Eunbi, who was only 22, as well as a driver. Two more Ladies Code members are in critical condition right now in the hospital.

As many of you know ELF and Super Junior came very close to the exact same situation over 7 years ago, and while we were lucky enough not to lose anyone, we know the uncertainty and feelings of impending grief too well.

So let’s stand with Ladies Code fans at this time and support Ladies Code in whatever ways we can. Let’s comfort them and celebrate the life of Eunbi with them. Please please please. I know you guys are busy promoting sj, but at the end of the day human life is still the most valuable thing, and it is tragic that two too many have been taken far too soon.

Ladies Code fans? You are in our thoughts/prayers. If you guys need someone to talk it out with, you can msg me.

There’s something about being in the K-Pop fandom that makes an idols death harder to deal with than it should be.. No matter what fandom you’re a part of you know how much these idols suffer just to get where they are at. To see an idol pass away at the age of 22 is so hard, cause we all know that she went through so much hardships to get to the point of success, and it was only the beginning for her.

ELFs will stand by you LAVELYs

Oh my fucking god guys I can’t believe that happened.. I’m not even a Ladies Code fan, I’ve never listened to their music before and my heart feels so heavy.. As an ELF I’ll pray for the families and the members affected by this tragedy. 

Mornings with Block Bee

Kyung: How many times do I have to tell you guys to roll up the fucking bag of cereal. Now its stale.
Pyo: Hyung you can have some of my Cap'n Crunch.
Zico: No one fucking cares about your Cheerios Kyung. You're the only one that eats that nasty tasteless cardboard shit.
Pyo: *goes makes him a bowl with the last of his cereal*
Kyung: I swear no one cares about Park Kyung no one ever thinks about if Park Kyung is hungry.
Ukwon: Hey Sunhye can you come pic...yes they're fighting about cereal again.
Taeil: Every single day it never fails I have to hear you two bitch at each other about something.
Pyo: Here you go...*over dramatic Kyung knocks the bowl out Pyo's hands by mistake* I'm sorry *runs to clean it up*.
B Bomb: Just go use the company card and get some more then. I'll go get it if it will stop you guys from bitching.
Kyung: Thank you Minhyuk at least some one cares about if I'm going to starve to death in this house.
Jaehyo: *eats the stale cereal* It tastes fine to me!


To hear that a K-pop idol died scares the shit out of me. It is just another reminder that idol’s are human and death is a possibility at any time. Cherish the moments with your idols while they are still here. Don’t cause fanwars or bash idols for no reasons because one day those idols will be gone. Enjoy the music and give them as much love as you can because you never know when it’s too late.

R.I.P EunB


I may not be a Ladies’ Code fan, but my condolences go out to the other members involved in the accident, EunBi’s family, her friends, and the Ladies’ Code fandom. May the driver and EunBi rest in peace, and may the rest of Ladies’ Code have a quick, full recovery. 

Guys omg I just got back from class and I was wondering why no one was opening the door for me and I called my dad and asked him if moms home and he said no and I was like “FUCK” and iN THE REFLECTION OF THE DOOR I COULD SEE MY NEIGHBOR STARING AT ME I’m so embarrassed ;_;

I hate myself for being so shy cause it’s the first day of class and it’s lunch time now and I was afraid of staying with the other classmates for lunch so now I’m alone q_q and this salad doesn’t even taste good q_q

finally SMent acknowledged his highness, Super Junior Lord

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